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The new HOTTAP v2

For all the times you would do anything for a hot shower

With the Joolca HOTTAP v2, hot water is available anywhere you can take an LPG bottle, so you can explore everything nature has to offer - without roughing it.

starting at $399 AUD

There’s a HOTTAP for everyone

Joolca has the perfect kit for every kind of adventure. No matter how far off the grid you go, you’ll always be at home.

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From $399 AUD

Why hottap?

Hassle-free gear designed by avid campers & engineers for maximum comfort.

Best in class

Built to home standards, HOTTAP features class-leading specs throughout. It’s actually a real, hot shower – with over 15h run time on a single gas tank.

  • superior heating

  • superior flow

  • safe for kids

Sets up in no time

Connect your HOTTAP with snap-on fittings for gas and water. Place on included stand or feet and you’re all set, with temperature and diagnostics on an easy-read LED display.

  • quick connections

  • mount or stand

  • led info display

One touch operation

The new HOTTAP Comes with a modular showerhead that can be used handheld or turned into a ceiling-mounted shower with switch on the wall. Simply flick the switch and the hot water starts flowing.

  • easy flick switch

  • rich spray

  • handheld or mounted

Taps into any
water source

Use your HOTTAP with a jerry can or throw the sturdy two-stage water filter into the nearest creek or lake and pump water up to 30m to your campsite.

  • robust pump

  • two-stage water filter

  • long distance feeds

Unboxes a kitchen

The sturdy storage container doubles as a kitchen sink, complete with a pivoting and tilting faucet, drain and dish racks solid enough to support cast-iron pots.

  • kitchen sink

  • faucet

  • dish racks

Packed and ready

Every last bit of your HOTTAP system packs into the sink, which – you got it! – doubles as a compact and sturdy storage container.

  • super-compact

  • waterproof transport

  • impact protection

Upgrade your kit, or build the perfect setup for your needs.
Build your perfect setup
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