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When the shower head is flicked ‘On’, first the pump (which has a pressure sensor) will kick into action and then the HOTTAP Outing will sense the flow of water and automatically ignite the burners.

When the shower head switch is flicked ‘Off’, the pump will automatically turn itself off and then the HOTTAP Outing will recognise this and automatically cut the gas supply and extinguish the burners. Totally automatic.

There is no pilot light, which saves gas and is safer.
The maximum water temperature is set to 50°C. This is to prevent scalding. Once the water temperature reaches this amount, the burners will automatically shut-off. To reignite the HOTTAP Outing, you'll simply need to turn the water flow off and back on.
The HOTTAP Outing is rated to heat up to 6L per minute at a temperature rise of 25°C. This means that if you've got water coming in at 20°C, the HOTTAP Outing will be able to heat it to 45°C, at full water flow. Keep in mind that a typical hot shower at home is around 41-42°C
When the water temperature of the water is cold, you can still get piping hot water coming out - but you'll need to adjust the water flow down. So, we mentioned that at full flow (being 6L/min) the water is raised by 25°C, at minimum flow the water is raised by 35°C. So this means that even in the middle of winter in places like Tassie where the water might be sitting around 5°C, you'd still be able to get a 40°C+ shower from your HOTTAP Outing.
You're able to adjust the water flow via the water flow adjustment knob at the front of the unit. You can set the water flow to be between 4L per minute and just over 6L per minute. So, if you're out free camping and water is scarce, you're able to reduce the water flow right down, conversely, if you need high flow to wash your horse you can set it to the highest setting.
No! Being a portable gas appliance, the HOTTAP Outing is not suitable for permanent installation in any scenario.

What this means is that the HOTTAP Outing is not able to be permanently connected to a central gas supply.

You are able to have the unit mounted or fixed on a wall or mounting bracket, as long as the final gas connection is done at each set up and the HOTTAP Outing is using its own gas hose & regulator – connected to either a 4.5kg or 9kg gas bottle.
The HOTTAP Outing is not suitable for permanent installation in a Bus or Motorhome Conversion, and cannot be used inside.

For these kinds of scenario's, we'd strongly recommend that you connect the HOTTAP Outing to your internal plumbing via a quick connect fitting, keeping the HOTTAP Outing outdoors and connected to a 9kg Gas Bottle (rather than permanently connected to a fixed gas supply).

If you needed hot water to two outlets, such as a shower and a sink, the HOTTAP Outing would still work (a simple tee piece at the water outlet would facilitate hot water running to two points) but you'd find that only one outlet could be used at a time.
No! The HOTTAP Outing must be used outdoors and in a well ventilated area.
The HOTTAP Outing is built to be robust and handles off road conditions and corrugated roads with no trouble. At this stage there are many a HOTTAP Outing sitting on camper trailer drawbars and toolboxes travelling all over the country.
No, it'll need to be mounted in an upright position during use. Though, it can be stored sideways.
The HOTTAP Outing uses 4.5kg all the way up to 9kg Gas Bottles.

Unfortunately you won't be able to use smaller bottles including any type of butane cylinder.
Theoretically, at the maximum gas flow setting on the HOTTAP Outing, you will get around 15 hours of use. This is equivalent to 300, 3-minute showers.

To account for real life conditions (losses), tack off an hour or two.
The Gas Inlet on the HOTTAP Outing is a 3/8" SAE fitting.
Sure thing, you can just get a low pressure gas hose which can connect from your bayonet fitting to the HOTTAP Outing. You won't be able to use the gas hose & regulator that comes with HOTTAP Outing as your gas supply at the bayonet fitting would already be regulated.
Unfortunately you can't. To be able to deliver the high temperature rise and water flow that the HOTTAP Outing is able to, it requires a higher gas flow than what would be possible with the smaller gas containers.

Having said that, HOTTAP Outing is still remarkably efficient, and a 9kg bottle will provide nearly 15 hours of usage on the highest gas flow
We provide a 1.2m gas hose & regulator with the HOTTAP Outing. It is possible to purchase slightly longer hoses, but it would need to be from an outdoor retailer or specialist gas supplier.
The HOTTAP Outing will provide a flow rate between around 4LPM and 6LPM depending on the setting you choose for the water flow (blue ring). For hottest water, you'd adjust the water flow down, so that the water has more time to absorb heat while circulating through the heat exchanger.

This allows you to get shower temperature water without having to recirculate the water, even in the middle of winter.
The HOTTAP Outing Outing includes a full portable pumping set-up, allowing you to draw water from any source. It also includes a suction filter to protect the unit in case your water isn't perfectly clear (which obviously you wouldn't expect out bush)

We do have various accessories which allow you to extend the reach of your pumping station, including a weighted heavy duty filter for drawing water directly from rivers or creekns, and extension hoses for pumping up to 30m away to your campsite.

Remember, you can also connect the heater directly to a pressurised water source such as a mains wter garden hose for those times this is available.
The includes pump is sized to work perfectly with the HOTTAP Outing water heater. Both are rated to a maximum flow of 6L per minute. The pump is also set to a pressure of 60PSI, ensuring that it will easily pump up to 30m to your campsite, even with a slope or up the river bank.

If you had a larger pump, it would be redundant because the maximum flow you'd be able to get from the HOTTAP Outing would still be 6LPM, so you'd be wasting 12V power on an oversized pump.
HOTTAP Outing operates off two 'd' cell batteries. This provides the power for ignition as well as the LED display. Batteries are included, and last around 6-9 months with normal use.

The pumping kit which comes with the HOTTAP Outing though does run on 12V power. You are given two sets of 12V leads; a 7m cigarette socket adapter and a 1.5m alligator clip connector, allowing you to hook up to a suitable 12V power source. Most commonly this might be the cigarette socket in your vehicle or a small battery.

The included 12V pump draws only around 4amps during operation so it's also efficient.
It is possible, using a DC-DC converter. Though its not really required because the D cell batteries really do last a while.

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