Hottap Ensuite Support

Yes! The ENSUITE includes a hanger hook at the top which can hold up to 15kgs, perfect for hanging your solar shower off if you don’t yet have yourself a HOTTPAP.
Yes! The shower tents include a zip opening (openable from the inside only) near the window of shower room, especially designed for allow access for an external shower hose and controls.
The Ensuite Tent packs away to a size of 1.1m x 20cm x 20cm – and yes, it actually fits into the carry bag without any issues!
The Ensuite Tent uses an 'umbrella' style mechanism where the frame is already connected to the tent fabric, and all you need to do is expand it. You can literally put this tent up by yourself in less than two minutes. We've got a video where two Joolca boys put an Ensuite Up and Down and packed away all in under one minute!

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